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Blog by Preeti Reddy, posted on September 12, 2023

What is an Applicant Tracking System?
An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a smart software for recruiters and employers to track candidates throughout the recruiting and hiring process. An ATS allows recruiters, hiring managers, HR teams, recruitment agencies, and head hunters to attract, source, evaluate, and hire candidates better and faster. Companies use this to structure and customize their hiring into an efficient and scalable process. Additionally, it also offers reports and analytics to help you understand what’s happening within your hiring process and points you in the direction of the changes you can make.

Why Use it? Here’s why

  • Easily customizable.
  • The automated Hiring process saves time.
  • Generate key recruiting insights.
  • Easily accessible on any device.
  • Reduce the cost per hire.
  • Customer Success.
  • Information Security.
  • Prebuilt Integrations.
  • Streamline recruiting like never before.
  • Post jobs to multiple job boards in one click.
  • Foster contextual collaboration.
  • Nurture a thriving talent pool.

Now, some metrics to back up our claims

  • 99% of the Fortune 500 use an ATS to filter resumes, 70% of larger companies, and 20% of SMBs.
  • 75% of recruiters use a recruiting or Applicant Tracking System.
  • 94% of recruiters say their ATS has positively impacted their hiring process.

Great recruiters know how to find great candidates.
Managing the hiring process takes them through several tools. Candidate conversation emails are in the inbox, hiring team chats are on Slack, interviews are on Google Calendar, feedback is on a piece of paper somewhere, and the actual list of candidates is in Excel on someone’s computer and so on.

So, instead of spending time focusing on recruiting and engaging with people, they spend much time searching multiple sources to piece together information.

That is when an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) brings the hiring process together into a single window so that recruiters don’t have to lose time, switching between tabs.

ATS platforms are cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, which you can access anywhere and anytime.

It’s a one-shop stop for the whole company.
Primary business types that an ATS serves are:

  • Enterprise-level companies
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Small or medium-sized businesses (SMBs)

Post-COVID, some trends in applicant tracking systems include
Increased reliance on remote hiring processes:
With remote work becoming more prevalent, many companies are using applicant tracking systems to manage remote hiring processes.

Focus on diversity and inclusion: Companies are paying more attention to diversity and inclusion in their hiring processes, and applicant tracking systems are being used to promote and track diversity initiatives.

Artificial intelligence integration: AI-powered features, such as resume parsing and candidate scoring, are becoming more common in applicant tracking systems to streamline the recruitment process.

Data Management: ATS helps companies store and organize resumes, cover letters, and other application-related data in a centralized repository, making it easier to retrieve and analyze.

Mobile optimization: A growing number of job seekers are using their mobile devices to apply for jobs, so many applicant tracking systems are being optimized for mobile devices to improve the candidate experience.

Improved candidate communication: Applicant tracking systems are being updated to improve communication between candidates and recruiters, including automated interview scheduling and follow-up messaging.

Overall, ATS has helped companies to continue their recruitment process during the pandemic while maintaining social distancing, reducing administrative burden, and making the hiring process more efficient.

All of this sounds pretty good, so what am I driving at?
For any organization looking for a powerful and efficient Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that can help to manage their recruitment process, we have a one-stop solution: BrassRing! Our ATS solution is designed to streamline the hiring process and automate it wherever possible. Thereby, making it easier to manage resumes, track and communicate with applicants, and hire the best talent.

What is so special about BrassRing?
Customization: BrassRing offers extensive customization options to fit specific organizational needs.

Integration with other HR systems: BrassRing can integrate with other HR systems, such as assessments, background checks, or ERP, to provide a comprehensive solution packaging.

Advanced reporting and analytics: BrassRing offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, providing in-depth insights into recruitment metrics and trends.

Robust workflow management: BrassRing has a strong workflow management system, allowing organizations to streamline their recruitment process.

Applicant tracking and sourcing: BrassRing offers applicant tracking and sourcing tools to help organizations find and track candidates efficiently.

Mobile-responsive design: BrassRing has a mobile-responsive design, making it device agnostic and available anywhere at any time.

The BrassRing Advantage

  1. Integrating with new HR technology systems.
  2. Developing a mobile-friendly application process.
  3. Improving candidate experience.
  4. Enhancing data analysis and reporting capabilities.
  5. Implementing AI and machine learning for recruitment process optimization.
  6. Seamless integrations enhance clients’ brand value.

There are several reasons why companies choose to move to BrassRing

  1. Source and attract top talent through targeted job postings and effective sourcing strategies.
  2. Advanced reporting and analytics
  3. Improved candidate experience with an intuitive, user-friendly interface and efficient communication tools.
  4. Increased collaboration with hiring teams through integrated tools and shared workflow.
  5. Increased automation and streamlining of recruitment processes.
  6. Ensure data security and compliance with strict data privacy policies and measures.

Any organization can simplify its hiring process by integrating the BrassRing system with a variety of applications including assessment, interview software, background verification, and many more.

BrassRing is a trusted solution for many leading organizations around the world, and our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction makes us the ideal choice for our client’s recruitment needs.

Visit us at to know more.

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