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Blog by Ratnakumar Vadapalli, posted on September 12, 2023

Embracing the Future: BrassRing ATS in the Millennial Recruitment Landscape
In today’s fast-paced recruitment landscape, millennial recruitment teams are leading the charge, armed with a tech-savvy mindset and a penchant for efficiency. As a growing voice driving modern HR practices, they bring a fresh perspective and specific expectations to the table, especially when it comes to applicant tracking systems (ATS). Many of these values are aligned with and offer a fresh look at existing priorities within the HR IT space. In this blog, we will explore the key expectations of millennial recruitment teams from the latest ATS solutions like BrassRing, and how in response, BrassRing is transforming the hiring process.

1. User-Friendly Interface: Simplicity is Key
Millennial recruiters value intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. They desire a seamless experience that empowers them to navigate through the ATS effortlessly. A modern design with streamlined functionalities enables them to focus on what truly matters – finding the perfect candidate. BrassRing’s new homepage comes with a new-age research-based UI that allows the recruitment team to focus on their priorities and helps them with visualizations that give them the data they need at a glance.

2. Mobile Compatibility: Hiring on the Go
In a mobile-centric world, millennial recruitment teams seek ATS platforms that are mobile-friendly. This allows them to manage the hiring process on the go, review applications, and communicate with candidates, providing them with the flexibility they need in today’s dynamic work environment. BrassRing is completely mobile compatible, and not just the recruiters, but also the candidates experience seamless mobile compatibility.

3. AI-Driven Automation: Efficiency at Its Best
The power of AI-driven automation is a game-changer for millennial recruiters. ATS platforms armed with artificial intelligence can provide an extra tool to the hiring process and eliminate mundane tasks like resume screening, interview scheduling, and candidate communication. This frees up valuable time, enabling recruiters to focus on building meaningful connections with candidates. BrassRing is open and ready to integrate with any AI vendor that our clients are interested in and trust. Our open integrations system allows our clients to take advantage of services offered by their vendor partners providing AI services along with additional AI being developed by Infinite.

4. Social Media Integration: Tapping into a Vast Talent Pool
Millennial recruiters understand the importance of social media in today’s recruitment strategies. They expect ATS platforms to integrate seamlessly with popular social media platforms, allowing them to leverage the vast talent pool present on these platforms and enhance employer branding. BrassRing integrates seamlessly with multiple social media platforms. Recruiters and Candidates can share jobs on social media. Our clients can allow their candidates to log in to their profiles using their social media credentials. We enable clients to get to their candidates where they already exist day-to-day on the web and in their lives.

5. Enhanced Candidate Sourcing Capabilities: Expanding the Horizons
Diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of millennial recruiters’ minds. They seek ATS solutions that can efficiently source candidates from various channels, including job boards, career websites, social media, and employee referrals. A diverse talent pool ensures the best fit for the organization. To support our clients and recruitment teams with diversity in hiring, BrassRing integrates with various job boards, social media, and other channels. BrassRing also integrates with DEI vendor partners that help our clients infuse an inclusive culture and content across our clients.

6. Customizable Workflows: Flexibility Matters
One size doesn’t fit all, and millennial recruitment teams understand this well. They look for ATS platforms that offer customizable workflows, stages, and communication templates. This flexibility allows them to align the hiring process with the unique requirements of their organization. BrassRing is renowned in the market for its scalability, flexibility of customization, and adapting to the complexity of hiring practices of organizations that are established far and wide.

7. Reporting and Analytics: Data-Driven Decisions
Data-driven decision-making is a priority for millennial recruiters. They expect ATS platforms to offer robust reporting and analytics features that provide real-time insights into key recruitment metrics. This data empowers them to optimize their strategies and make informed choices. BrassRing’s mature reporting module, the Data Insight Tool, allows our clients to extract data by building a report template from scratch and get it delivered at the date, time, and frequency of their choice.

8. Candidate Relationship Management (CRM): Nurturing Connections
Building strong candidate relationships is crucial for future hiring needs. Millennial recruiters seek ATS platforms with built-in CRM functionality, enabling them to engage with candidates effectively and foster a positive candidate experience. Lead Manager is a CRM offering that integrates seamlessly with BrassRing and is offered by Infinite Talent the same organization that offers BrassRing. Lead Manager is rich in features and can provide landing pages, and campaigns to help build a reliable pipeline of candidates.

9. Integration with HR Software: A Cohesive Ecosystem
Seamless integration with other HR software, such as HRIS and onboarding tools, is vital to ensure a cohesive and efficient hiring process from start to finish. Millennial recruitment teams appreciate a well-connected HR ecosystem. Onboard is our in-house application that seamlessly integrates with BrassRing to help clients provide a brilliant onboarding experience to their new employees and provide I9 and eVerify management to our clients, out of the box, and at no additional cost. BrassRing has established integrations with over 50 reliable vendor partners. BrassRing is open and ready to create more integrations with other vendors based on our client’s requests. HRIS, Background checks, video interviews, assessments, and more. BrassRing provides integrations for any service that our client might need.

10. Candidate Experience Focus: Leaving a Lasting Impression
A positive candidate experience is paramount for millennial recruiters. They expect ATS platforms to enhance candidate communication, provide regular updates, and offer personalized feedback, even to candidates who aren’t selected. BrassRing provides options to create communication templates and send automated emails upon each status update. Our internal teams provide great graphics and branding expertise which helps our clients in providing brilliant candidate experience. Communicating with candidates and engaging them via the Talent Gateways is a breeze with BrassRing.

11. Strong Security Measures: Safeguarding Candidate Data
Given the sensitivity of candidate data, millennial recruiters demand robust security measures to safeguard candidate information from breaches or unauthorized access. BrassRing is GDPR compliant and respects the laws of other geographic regions to ensure the highest data security standards. Our systems run and data is stored on the Microsoft Azure cloud. At BrassRing, we constantly analyze the latest deliveries for accessibility compliance.

12. Continuous Updates and Support: Staying Ahead of the Game
Millennial recruiters value ATS vendors who continuously improve their platforms, roll out updates regularly, and provide prompt customer support to address any issues or inquiries. BrassRing’s dedicated support models have provided our clients with excellent candidate support which ensures high candidate turnout and low drop rates while candidates are on the Talent Gateways.

Millennial recruitment teams are reshaping the HR landscape, and their expectations from the latest applicant tracking systems reflect their tech-savvy approach and desire for efficiency. The expectations of an additional generation in the HR workspace are well-aligned with existing needs. A user-friendly interface, mobile compatibility, automation, and data-driven insights are essential features that ATS platforms must possess to meet their needs. By embracing these expectations, BrassRing plays a key role in empowering millennial recruiters in finding and hiring the best talent effectively, ensuring their organizations thrive in the ever-evolving world of recruitment.

Ratnakumar Vadapalli has been a technical writer for BrassRing and other Infinite Talent offerings for over 10 years and in this blog post, speaks about what are the expectations millennial recruitment workforce have on BrassRing and how is the solution equipped to meet those expectations.

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